Sunday, February 17, 2013


In the Fairy Garden Workshop, we first make a large trough to hold soil which serves as the stage for the house, fairy garden and accessories. Then, we construct a mold that will become the house complete with a door and windows.  Trish is packing her house mold with our fine recycled paper  hypertufa mixture.
 The roof mold is made and filled with the same tufa mixture.

 Jane wanted to make a thatched roof, so I ran out to the pond and cut some Liriope leaves to get the effect. You can see how she packed the tufa right on top of the grass.  
After the trough, house and roof were finished it was time to create accessories including mushrooms, birdbaths, stepping stones and stumps!
These are what the components look like after they are unmolded and have yet to be finished with color and details.

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