Friday, February 3, 2012


Lisa from Halling Greenhouse and I just finished our proposal for a container garden at the 2012 Designer's Showhouse which will be open to the public in May.

Container Oasis
This magnificent home with its beautiful windows can be enhanced by a comforting, renewing and relaxing view of living botanicals.  Allow us to embellish the neutral exterior decking which sits just outside the first floor conservatory, and the balcony of the second floor bedroom.
Our color palette of tangerine tango (the color of 
the year for 2012), oranges, and blues, accented by greens, whites and yellows will feature an assortment of herbs, vegetables and annuals which 
are proven winners for spring and summer in this Historic Kansas City neighborhood.  All flowers & plants will be locally grown and nurtured and guaranteed to bloom and flourish from spring   
through fall.
Containers, and garden decor will be hand-made locally.  Materials include concrete, metal, recycled glass and “green” hypertufa. Water features are included, one offering the relaxing gurgle of 
water and the other still and reflective, to attract birds and butterflies.
Look, Listen, Linger, …  Discover

the added dimensions that enhance, and renew the spirit viewed from within the house or by stepping onto the deck.  Artful & clever, container gardening transforms this neutral passageway into a container oasis.

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