Saturday, November 5, 2011


Opening day for Here Comes Santa Claus was filled with excitement as customers made their discoveries among displays of fantastical works in concrete, hypertufa, and recycled paper.  Our artists have created a dazzling collection of handmade gifts for you, your home and those on your holiday gift list. Come join us, there is so much to discover!
Debbie is hosting Thanksgiving at her home in the Flint Hills.  She custom-ordered these wonderful large scale hypertufa troughs to hold plantings of assorted prairie grassses.  They will provide a stunning display as guests look out across her large back patio.  While these are big, they are much lighter in weight than a concrete planter.   Because they are still curing and still held quite a bit of water weight, it took Connor, Frank and me to get them loaded into the pick-up truck.

This signature wreath will greet you when you come to visit our garden studio retail event.  Nathan and I made it from boxwood, amaranth, soldago, ageratum, celosia, strawflowers and sedum- all harvested from the autumn garden.

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