Sunday, September 25, 2011


 Weekend weather was dandy and this group finished off the 2011 Studio season with plenty of flash n 'dash.

 They really got into the hand mixing of the hypertufa- a real flurry of activity...and a pretty good workout too!

 Joan brought an elephant ear leaf ...

 ...and cast it as a water basin.

 A large single leaf can be very dramatic...

 ...but smaller leaves arranged in a chasing pattern also make a pleasing water basin.

 Brenda, an advanced tufaf-maker,  made an awesome two-part fountain.  Here she is touching up a bunch of grapes she sculpted from concrete for the upper portion of the fountain.  Water will pour out of a whole drilled near the bunch of grapes on each of the four sides.  I'll be sure to post shots of this fountain when she completes her project.

 Marsha begins packing hypertufa into her box mold.

 Jo completes the top edge which must be packed hard and finished well to withstand repeated lifting and planting.

 Ann added a scalloped detail to her planter edge using a cardboard paper towl tube.

 Deanna hammered small flat stones vertically into the edge of her planter.

Hand-sculpted stepping stones featuring several mosaic techniques.

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