Sunday, July 10, 2011


 Really nice stepping stones this time and not one "cowpie"  A "cowpie" is our clever term for a pile of cement with a bunch of glass stuck in it!

 Stephanie created a unique stone using canning lids.   This photo reminds me of the type that made the newspaper during fair days in Wisconsin.  Homey and newsy, they usually depicted the aproned house wife showing her prize blue ribbon jam.   In 2011, Stephaine's chucked the apron and buys her jam at the grocery store or From the Summer's Garden.  She's into making cool things to complement her garden.
 Nancy makes her stone "footable", safe to walk on with a barefoot.  She's usung a brick to smooth the sharp edges.

 Phyllis is an accomplished artist and discovered new ways to use her mosaic skills.  Here she cleans up her sculpted sleeping cat stone.

 Brenda arranged interesting leaves with deep veining on a sand hump mold. Then applied a layer of thick concrete to capture the leaf texture for her leaf platter.

 Here's proof that I actually do help mix up the tufa.  Usually studio participants are shown doing this hearty task.  

Tired, hot, but happy too!  Even though the extra warm weather can be uncomfortable, it is perfect HYPERTUFA-making weather.

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