Sunday, June 5, 2011


The weather was warm and sunny, perfect for the first Hypertufa Studio of the summer.  Here the group is packing fresh hypertufa into molds that will become thier gnome heads.

Handmade and very unique garden stepping stones.

Jean puts a layer of hypertufa onto her leaf platter.  This layer will add support to the thinner conrete layer which captures the patterns in the leaves she used in her mold.

Kitty removes leaf material from her concrete casting.

 Mary's stepping stone featured three billiard balls. This was fitting since her last name is "Billiard".

Packinbg box molds with Hypertufa.

Our innovation this summer is to cut mouth and eye forms from foam.  These are placed in the pail when casting the gnome or grot head.  When the head form is removed from the mold, the foam pieces pop out forming the megative spaces for the eyes and mouth of the sculpture.  Much easier than carving these holes from a solid block of tufa!

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