Monday, May 9, 2011


Tori grabbed the camera during out sales event on Mother's Day and captured her fellow studio assistants hard at work.

Nathan and Davey are putting the finishing touches on the last of the sample quilt gardens.  We have five unique gardens created to give people ideas on ways to use our Quilt Garden Stone Collection.

 Emily and Tori usually are hard at work in the outside painting studio in the back.  This weekend they were front and center, busy painting quilt stones and other items at the direction of customers.  People love to choose their colors and watch as their purchases are custom painted.  Emily is finishing up the hanging pieces of a garden stabile sculpture ordered by a customer.

Meanwhile, artist Karen Skillett was busy helping customers put the finishing touches on their gifts for Mom.  Karen just completed this new combination of millefore jewelry freshly available to you at our Spring Retail Event, Gardening is Good for You!  

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