Saturday, November 13, 2010


Lori Woods from 5B & Company Candlemakers in Brookside has done a fantastic job creating our custom votives for Heaven & Nature Sing. This year we are featuring NATURE SINGS, ANGEL'S SONG and UNDERNEATH THE CHRISTMAS TREE. In addition to these themed scents, Lori has 13 popular scents at the Holiday Gift Open House that will add a sense of warmth and fragrance to your holiday celebrations.

Nature Sings is light green in color and smells like a crisp winter morning.

Angel's Song is a rich, deep raspberry and brings to mind the winter garden.

Remember when you were underneath a real Christmas tree trying to hold it steady while trying to tighten the turn screws at the same time? This votive smells just like it did underneath your Christmas tree and is a beautiful deep green.

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