Friday, February 19, 2010


We had a razzle-dazzle time making wall artwork using the glitter painting technique in our Glitter Painting Workshop. I started with this photo of my David Austin apricot roses. It was put through a filter using Photoshop to simplify the image. Then various colors of glitter were applied, one value or hue at a time resulting in this sparkling interpretation.

Patti selected a close-up photo of one of her Echinacea blossoms. Here she is applying shades
of pink for the variation in the petal color. If you cannot find just the right hue of glitter, you can actually mix two or three colors together just as you can with paint.

Patti's finished glitter painting.

Sarah is working with a photo of a tree she shot on her trip to Japan.

Blaze chose this image of a pink water lily from the fish pond. This close-up image works very well with the glitter painting technique.

Tori loves blue and is using an enlarged image of an Echinops plant. There is a broad range of beautiful blue and purple glitters available on the market. We purchased our glitter colors online from

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