Sunday, June 7, 2009


In this HYPERTUFA STUDIO and we had a very creative group making some beautiful things for their gardens. This studio was all "first-timers" who each made 4 different projects to learn the various techniques of making and working with hypertufa and concrete. First they made a free-form garden stone. First they got used to working with concrete, then we mixed up a batch of recycled paper hypertufa and made leaf platters, a garden planter and even a sculpted humorous head for garden ornament.
Molds must be oiled well in order for finished planters to be released easily. We recycle used lawn mower oil for this purpose.
Joanie wanted to make a birdbath in the shape of a heart for her daughter-in-law. She made a clever diving board for the birds from cast leaves as a side accent to the heart-shaped bowl.
Here's Lisa's platter. It will be beautiful in her garden, if she finally puts it out there. She is thinking of using it to serve food at her next picnic.
Chris is smoothing a layer of concrete over the leaves she has arranged on a mound of sand which will eventually become a leaf water basin or platter...
...and ta-da, here is her finished leaf platter.

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