Studio Design Assistant Job Description

Studio Assistant for Steve Hess, From the Summer’s Garden

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Position Description.

The design assistant will assist the artist in the making of molds and mold components, casting cement art forms and sculpting with cement, handmade paper and hypertufa, a cement-based sculpting medium. Work is done both inside the studio and out-of-doors weather permitting. Studio work runs at a steady pace from March through the end of November.  Tasks range from production to studio maintenance, painting, construction and pricing of product and related tasks as assigned.  A typical week begins on Sunday from 1:00-3:00, Wednesday-Friday  3:00 –5:00pm.  Summer hours are usually in the cooler part of the morning on Thursdays and Fridays.  Generally each work sessions lasts two hours and can increase near special sale times in May and November. While contingent on process and technique, the schedule is flexible and can adjust to fit study, family and school activity schedules.

Required Skills

The ability to lift and mix 40 and 95 lb bags of cement, pails of paper pulp and a willingness to mix and cast cement and handmade paper is necessary.  Prior knowledge is not necessary and thorough training will be provided.  A willingness to try new things and to approach problems with a creative point of view is an added plus.  A sense of color and design and aesthetic judgment is important for this position, which is why art students most often are preferred.  This design assistant position is flexible enough to maintain another more conventional job at the same time.  Finally, a sense of responsibility is required as the design assistants often go about their tasks independently once they master certain skills. Simple but important tasks such as proper clean-up, studio and equipment maintenance and quality craftsmanship cannot be compromised.


Payday comes every two weeks.  New Studio assistants start at $5.00 /hr during their two-month apprenticeship and goes as high as $9.00/hr once a skill and maturity level has been reached.

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